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Project: Daisy4nfv

Daisy4nfv is an installer project based on upstream installer Daisy(

  • Daisy4nfv will work as an installer for each OPNFV release. It will support deployment of OPNFV full stack, with different flavors of configuration, on both bare-metal servers and virtual machines. We will also work closely with genesis and escalator project to provide a improved solution for both installation and upgrading for OPNFV.
  • The unique values that Daisy4nfv will bring to the OPNFV community include the following:
    • Daisy provides some facilitated features such as configuration template, auto deployment, and multicast imaging which can improve the efficiency and quality of deployment and operation for large data center.
    • Containerizing OpenStack services to achieve fast deploying and atomic upgrading.
    • Abstracts and provides necessary information and API for escalator to perform upgrading efficiently and accordingly. Thus, setup an example of how the escalator and installer can work together to bring more value to the end user. More detail can be found in the following Daisy API Extension For Escalator Presentation:
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      nameEscalator Refreshing your OPNFV environment with less troubles v3.pptx



    • Project proposal presentation:
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Key Project Facts

Project: Daisy4nfv (daisy)
Project Creation Date:  June14,2016
Lifecycle State: Incubation
Primary Contact:  
Project Lead: Zhijiang (ZTE) :
Jira Project Name: Daisy4nfv
Mailing list tag: daisy
Jira Project Prefix: daisy
IRC: #openstack-meeting


Link to TSC approval of the project:


Link(s) to approval of additional committers:


Speed Up Image Distribution Using Multicast presentation in OPNFV Summit 2017

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