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MS0Intent to participateThe TSC will vote to open the intent-to-participate period. At that time, projects may indicate their intent to participate as described on this page: Project Inclusion in OPNFV Release. The intent-to-participate period will close as of MS1. Project participate after MS1 will require an exception.
MS1Planning complete
  • Projects that have successfully completed MS0, must complete their planning, including scenario or deliverable definition.
  • As part of the planning process, all projects will complete a project planning template.
  • The Infra working group will submit an infrastructure/CI plan describing changes planned for the release. Note that all changes must be completed by MS4.
MS2Test plan shared with the test teamEach feature project team will complete a test plan, describing the test cases that they intend to use to validate their project, including pass/fail criteria, and will share this plan with the test working group and other team members and solicit feedback. The test plan will also describe dependencies on any new test capability that is not currently available through existing test frameworks and how these dependencies will be satisfied. Project teams are encouraged to attend the Test Working Group meeting, or to setup separate meetings to discuss requirements.
MS3Installer integration with OpenStack

All installers updated to work with the version of OpenStack planned for the release. Installers will successfully run smoke tests with simple scenarios (i.e. non-SDN).

MS4Infrastructure updates completed

Changes described in the infrastructure/CI plan completed.

MS5Scenario integration and Feature Freeze
  • Features planned for the release have been implemented and informally verified by the project team
  • Code has passed code review and has been committed to the associated project
  • Does not include installer projects
  • Does not mean that formal testing has been completed
  • Does not mean that there are no documented bugs
MS6Test Cases and Preliminary Documentation Completed
  • All test cases necessary for the release are executable by CI.
    • Test steps and pass/fail criteria are well defined
    • Test cases coded and configured in test framework
    • Test cases integrated and successfully running as part of CI
  • Documentation outlines or placeholders committed to repo for all project and scenario documentation
  • Stable branch window is open for projects that have satisfied MS0 - MS6
MS7Stable branch window closed
  • Projects are branched from main
  • Commits are limited to critical issues documented in JIRA
  • Commits must be cherry-picked to branch from master
MS8Formal test execution completed
  • All test cases planned for the release have been executed
  • Test results published
  • Failures and other issues have been documented in JIRA
MS9JIRA issues assigned to the release closed or deferredAll JIRA issues assigned to the current release are:
  • Closed --OR--
  • Deferred to a future release (i.e. update to "fix-version" field)
MS10Documentation completedAll project and scenario documentation committed to repo.
MS11, MS12, MS13ReleaseProjects tagged by PTLs using tagging procedure.