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  • Project “OpenRetriever” creates and composes a set of scenarios which include containers like Docker/Rocket and so on.  Allow VNF to run on a set of containers and/or VMs. OpenRetriever can make the platform to manage container and virtual machine.

    • VNF which is running on cloud need to be a cloud native application, micro-service designed. Meanwhile, container is one of the most suitable technology to run micro-service application

    • VNF should scale up in short time. Container is a suitable technology to reduce the time from several minutes to several seconds. 

    • Container can make the VNF deployment much quicker. 
    • Container orchestration engines (COE) can reduce the effort to accomplish HA. If using Kubernetes, replication can fulfill the requirement. 
    • Some applications belong at the edge: WAN Acceleration, Content Cacheing, and depending on your philosophy, Container's light property is best choice for it.  
  • Three modes to let container integrated into Openstack.  
    • Mode I:
      • Use the embedded container orchestration way. Each container-cluser is as a VNF.  Vendor needs to maintain their VNFs and provide containerized software packaged. Openstack API only controls VM's life cycle. For containers, vendor can use their own technology (e.g. Chef, Puppet)or COE(e.g. Kubernetes, Cloudify) to manage them.

    • Mode II:
      • Use COE (Container Orchestration Engine) Way. For example kubernetes is a kind of COE. The most important thing is the north interface is based on COE Native API, which is totally different from Openstack API.  COE is depolyed by Magnum. COE is VIM, which is responsible for the life cycle management operations of the containers. For MANO, it needs to write a plugin to suit COE API. 
    • Mode III
      • Use COE & Zun way. There're two ways to solve Mode II API problems. One is to change COE API to Openstack API, the other one is to build another upper layer to standardize Openstack API and COE Native API.  In this mode, we use Magnum deploys COE, and use Zun to be an adapter. 
    • Mode IV
      • Use Scripts & Ansible way. We think kubernetes is as VIM and much closer with VNFM than OpenStack. we don't need to translate COE's api to OpenStack API.In this mode, we will use kube-kuyr plugin and multi-network CNI plugin to support VNF's application .
  • We start with Mode IV.  Considering Zun and Magnum is not a stable project now, we will skip Magnum and Zun in this stage.