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  1. OPNFV Infra Roadmap and status check, Jack Morgan
    1. POD templates/descriptors per Lab/POD
    2. Scenario consolidation/templates/descriptors
    3. Review mapping creation and usage of PDF and SDF to Euphrates Milestones
    4. Infra_CleanUp: Schedule and stuff
    5. Hardware consolidation survey
  2. Dynamic CI and impacts on Jumphosts, Fatih Degirmenci
    1. Moving installers into VMs
    2. Meet with each installer project to identify what is needed to use PODF/SDF directly instead of a converter
    3. XCI and relation to dynamic CI and scenarios
  3. PDF & SDF Discussions/status check/hands on work, Ulrich Kleber
    1. PDF - start working on converting lab configuration into PDF (Intel, Ericsson, etc.)
    2. SDF - topics from Weekly Tech Discuss #83
      1. how to handle workflow of a new SDF or a new feature of an existing SDF
        1. for example have a patch version (SDF-5.0.0.yaml to SDF-5.0.1.yaml)
        2. need way for Jenkins to test a work in progress SDF (either new SDF or new feature of an exsisting SDF)
      2. ownership of documenting a scenario as it would change with the SDF model
  4. Documenting OPNFV Infra like how OpenStack does on ReadTheDocs (OpenStack, ODL), Jack Morgan, Sofia Wallin
  5. Infra Demos: Have dedicated sessions for demos
    1. Pharos Dashboard, Jose Lausuch, Jack Morgan
      1. how to allocate resources: development vs CI/testing
        1. ideally we would copy the openstack model of just providing virtual environments for development
        2. then have a pool of resources for CI/testing (both virtual and baremetal)
    2. XCI demo, Fatih Degirmenci
  6. Infra/Test FW readiness in release milestones, David McBride
  7. CD for FDS, Daniel Farrell, Frank Brockners
    1. Who is coming to hackfest
  8. Security Gate Scanning with Luke Hinds from the Security Project:, Luke Hinds
    1. complete implementation
  9. Dovetail Security Needs, Luke Hinds, Sona Sarmadi
    1. How to make sure the results submitted by the runners are legit?
  10. Zuul v3, Fatih Degirmenci