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Test for MOVIE:

T100. information aquisition: Query Synchoronus mode test
T1010 - TBD

T200. information aquisition: Asynchronus Notification
T2010. One Request - One Response
T2020. One Request - Multiple Response

T300. NEMO ServiceFlow Operations testing
"when <condition>, do <action>,
with <constraint>",

T3010: TBD

T400. NEMO CustomerFacingNode operations testing
"when <condition>, do <action>,
with <constraint>",
T4010: TBD

T500.NEMO API Testing
a. <NEMO_cmd> := <model_definition_cmd> | <resource_access_cmd> |

b. <model_definition_cmd> := <cfn_definition> | <connection_definition> |
<action_definition> | <model_description>
T5020: TBD

c. <resource_access_cmd> := <cfn_create> | <cfn_import> |<cfn_update> |
<cfn_del> | <connection_create> |
<connection_update> | <connection_del> |
<serviceflow_create> | <serviceflow_update> |
d. <behavior_cmd> := <query_cmd> | <operation_create> | <operation_update>
| <operation_del> | <notification_create> |
<notification_update> | <notification_del>

e. <transaction_cmd> := <transaction_begin> | <transaction _end>

NEMO language provides limited number of key words to enables network
users/applications to describe their intent. The key words supported
by the language are as follows:


f. <key_word> := Boolean | Integer | String | Date | UUID | EthAddr |
IPPrefix | CFNModel | ConnectionModel | ServiceFlowModel |
ActionModel | Description | Porperty | CFN | Connection|
ServiceFlow | EndNodes | Type | Contain | Match | List |
Range| Query | From | Notification | Listener |
Operation | Target | Priority | Condition | Action |
Transaction | Commit | CREATE | IMPORT | UPDATE | DELETE

T600.Use Case testing wil be defined after use cses are defined.

T6010 - Use Case 1 (Likely VPC)
T6020 - Use Case 2 (likely L3VPN)

T1. MOVIE API test: Generate script to test the MOVIE related ONOS NBI. We will send REST like requests including NEMO language snippet to ONOS controller. And check the response.

T1.1 Model definition command test

T1.2 User regestration command test

T1.3 information aquisition: Query Synchoronus mode test

T1.4 Node creatation command test

T1.5 Connection creatation command test


T2. Use Case test: Generate script to test the SFC function by using MOVIE related ONOS NBI.

T2.1 Call OpenStack API to generate the VMs and virtual networks as the base for MOVIE test.

T2.2 Call MOVIE related ONOS NBI to setup VM groups and service chains.