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This document starts with an overview of the components that go into the OPNFV platform, with links to other pages that contain more details. All OPNFV projects are mapped to these components. There is also a Technical Introduction to OPNFV and a list of OPNFV Projects. References are on their own page.


The ETSI NFV Reference Architecture defines the key terms for Network Function Virtualization (NFV). A Virtualized Network Function (VNF) consists of components known by the acronym VNFC. The VNF components, which run in virtual machines, communicate with each other by using virtual networks. The NFV Infrastructure realizes the virtual machines and virtual networks. The virtual networks are realized with virtual switches, and the virtual machine management (including the hypervisor) creates, updates and destroys the virtual machines.

The Virtual Infrastructure Manager (VIM) decides where to run the virtual machines and what virtual networks should exist. In the case of OPNFV, the virtual infrastructure management includes OpenStack. The virtual infrastructure manager can create virtual networks itself or it can use a software defined networking (SDN) controller which can have more capabilities. 

The Management and Orchestration (MANO)


layer communicates with both the virtual infrastructure manager and the virtualized network function, and can give instructions to virtualized infrastructure management based on a higher level view.




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namearchitecture overview



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  • OVN


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