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  1. status of PDF 
    • bryan_att shares that he wants to keep ipmi user name / passwords secure, including MAC address
    • durschatz also recommends keeping this type of information securely
    • fdegir mentions read access needs to be discussed first, he asks if those that signed CLA for LF should be able to read the repo?
    • fdegir share how fuel uses a local repo instead of a opnfv repo as a workaround to sensitive information concerns
    • link to example of using a local repo -
    • aricg suggests encrypting some information in the yaml file via GPG keys
    • aricg suggest having a lab owners ldap group for them
    • fdegir suggest adding installer PTLs to new lab owners ldap group
    • jmorgan1 suggests calling new ldap group securelab committers
    • aricg suggests making everyone being a contributor so they can read the repo 
  2. LaaS / Dashboard integration
    • jmorgan1 reports that Jose is fine with Lincoln taking over effort
    • jmorgan1 empowers Lincoln to drive this issue as needed
  3. infra documentation on RTD 
    • link to latest infra documentation -
    • fdegir summarizes what he has done so far (see link above)
    • ACTIONpharos project needs to define hardware details to be included
    • fdegir mentions that git submodules can pull from infra wg projects to be included in single place
    • bramwelt asks about consolidating docs in infra repo vs individual infra wg projects

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