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  • Today, all of the approved projects in OPNFV are in the Incubation Stage
  • According to the criteria outlined on the Project Lifecycle document above, a number of projects would be eligible for a Graduation Review today
    • e.g. Functest, Releng, several installer projects, etc.


  • Questions Consensus from the community (new updated after the March 7th TSC meeting & ONS)
    • What are the benefits of being a Mature project ?
      • Is it more of a badge of honor/bragging rights? 
      Will and will there be different expectations from Mature projects?e.g. Mature project team members are expected to ?
      • This is to serve as a badge of honor and "mature" project team members could act as "mentors" to new/other community members members
    • Is Is there a need for an Integration Review (or projects in "Integration" state)?
      • The consensus seems to be that this is no longer necessary/relevant
    • For graduation review, does it make sense to add one of the criteria for "Contributor Diversity" from the Integration Review?
      • "Contributor diversity: The project demonstrates that it has a stable core team of contributors/committers which are affiliated to a set of at least three different companies. Core team members are those who have been active on the project for more than 2 releases, which means they were reviewing contributions to the project in OPNFV Gerrit and/or in the review-tool of the target upstream project(s)." 
    • Should adding value to other projects and community members be another criteria for Graduation Review?
      • How can this me measured?
    • Do we also need to start discussing "Core" projects in OPNFV?  For example, will we stop/postpone the release if certain core projects are not ready?
    • Consider TSC seats for Mature project PTLs?


  • A possible process for Graduation Review
    1. Periodic (e.g. annual) community Community (or self) nomination
    2. Project team either accepts/declines the nomination (not application for self nominations)
    3. If the project team accepts the nomination, the team writes up a justification (template TBD)
    4. TSC vote