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The compute domain provides the computational and storage resources to the VNF.


Host kvm virtualizationContainers
User spaceGuest userGuest appGuest app
User spaceGuest kernelGuest OS 
User spaceHost userQemurunc/liblxc
Kernel spaceHost kernelkvmcgroups, namespaces


In OPNFV, the only supported hypervisor is Qemu/kvm. Qemu is a user space component that provides abstractions for most hardware components.


OPNFV projects

StorPerf: The Storage Performance Benchmarking for NFVI (StorPerf) project is developing tests to benchmark the performance of the storage system

Yardstick: The Infrastructure verification (Yardstick) has general test cases for measuring the CPU and memory performance of the hardware

NFV hypervisors-kvm: The NFV Hypervisors-kvm project maintains a real-time Linux kernel and patches to the Linux kvm hypervisor that improve its latency

Open source projects

Linux kernel: The operating system. The Linux interface evolves slowly and there are no dependencies from the OPNFV stack to the actual kernel version. The NFV Hypervisors-kvm uses a real-time Linux kernel which has better real-time performance.



Interface standards


QEMUQEMU can emulate different hardware architectures. The relevant ones are ARM architecture, x86_64 architecture, Q35 and 440FX mother boards, and haswell/broadwell CPUs