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dovetail and community development progress map


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CI and POD resource for dovetail


question description in details:


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namedovetail infra.pptx


CI resource:



case=?, such as tempestrefstack_smoke_serialdefcore


For yardstick


Time filter: 20162016703/09/2220-2017/16/10 30 (Coloradodanube1.1.0- Coloradodanube.3.0)


Remaing questions

For functest:

1. tempest_full_parallel  not runs in CI in Colorado, however, some testcase proposed for compliance includes in tempest_full_parallel

Suggestion: put tempest_full_parallel into weekly CI in Danube

2. In Colorado, the failed testcase can be seen, however, in master/D, it doesn’t exists. Besides, the skipped testcase is also needed

Suggestion: keep failed testcase shown in master/D

                    patch:,refstack integration, completed and merged in Dabune.



For yardstick

1. If a testcase don’t have test result, didn’t run or failed? can’t make a judgement