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Project Name:

  • Proposed name for the project: ONAP-Automated OPNFV (Auto)
  • Proposed name for the repository: auto

Project description:

  • OPNFV is a SDNFV system integration project for open source components, which so far have been mostly limited to the NFVI+VIM as generally described by ETSI.
  • In particular, OPNFV has yet to integrate higher-level automation features.
  • This project will focus on ONAP component integration and verification with OPNFV reference platforms/scenarios, through primarily a post-install process in order to avoid impact to OPNFV installer projects. As much as possible, this will use a generic installation/integration process (not specific to any OPNFV installer's technology).
  • While all of ONAP is in scope, as it proceeds, the project will focus on specific aspects of this integration and verification in each release. Some example topics and work items in scope for the first release include:
    • How ONAP meets VNFM standards, interact with different vendors’ VNF
    • How ONAP SDN-C uses OPNFV existing features, e.g. NetReady, in a two layer controller architecture ion which the upper layer (global controller) is replaceable, and the lower layer can use different vendor’s local controller to interact with SDN-C
    • What data collection interface VNF and controllers provide to ONAP DCAE, and through DCAE, to closed-loop control functions such as Policy
    • Tests which verify interop of ONAP automation/lifecycle features with specific NFVI and VIM features, as prioritized by the project with technical community and EUAG input. Examples include 
      • Abstraction of networking tech/features e.g. through NetReady/Gluon
      • Blueprint-based VNF deployment (HOT, TOSCA, YANG)
      • Application level configuration and lifecycle thru YANG (for any aspects depending upon OPNFV NFVI+VIM components)
      • Policy (through DCAE)
      • Telemetry (through VES/DCAE)

First Release Scope:

  • Orange dotted lines = auto project scope for initial release

  • Scope may be expanded for future releases.


  • Tests will be developed for use cases within the project scope.
  • Tests will be added to Functest runs for supporting scenarios.


  • Documents will be created to describe the project scope, priorities, release deliverables, and user guide to the feature deployment and use case tests.

Relationship to other OPNFV projects:

This project is closely related to, and will work closely with following projects:

  • Opera, focused on Open-O platform integration as a whole, potentially evolving to ONAP integration
    • Auto will focus on using the integrated ONAP platform for specific development/test objectives
  • Yardstick, responsible for a test framework, including test cases and test stimuli, to verify the infrastructure compliance when running VNF applications.
  • Netready, focusing on evolving OpenStack networking step-by-step to find the most efficient way to fulfill the requirements of the identified NFV use cases, taking into account the NFV mindset and the capabilities of SDN controllers.
  • VES, focusing on integrating modeled telemetry as developed by the ONAP DCAE project, into the OPNFV platform and sample VNFs, for managing VNF/NFVI/VIM health and lifecycle.
  • Models, focusing on developing model-driven NFV samples/tests for overall model-based automation and modeled specific features


  • Integration (Nov 2017) release of ONAP, responsible for ONAP cross-project system integration, CI/CD, and all related end-to-end release use cases testing with VNFs necessary for the successful delivery and industry adaption of the ONAP project as a whole.
  • Open Lab of ONAP, responsible for defining and maintaining requirements, monitor availability and coordinate the usage of the community labs. The subcommittee will coordinate community lab resources to support release use case testing, community demo for marketing events if needed, and the interoperation testing with 3rd part components, or others.
  • The goal is to be able to test in an existing OPNFV POD environment, but any additional requirements will be considered as part of the project. This may include cross-lab environments such as described in Lab as a Service.

Committers and Contributors:

Planned deliverables:

  • Installer support for ONAP components, in CI/CD or post-install scripts.
  • Use case tests within the project scope.

Proposed Release Schedule:

  • When is the first release planned? 
    • F-release (Q1/Q2 2018)
  • Will this align with the current release cadence
    • Yes

Key Project Facts

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Tina Tsou
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Presentation at Technical Community Discussion meeting on 07/20/2017

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