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How Achieved

Participant Preparation required

Action items out


Review status of processing "Pain Point" inputs

(20 min)

Randy/Bryan walk through current state on Wiki

Results from August 2nd Pain Points meeting

Discussion on next steps

Identify first pain point to clarify

Review the wiki before the meeting

Add details to the pain points

Prepare for next pain points meeting

Translate pain points into specific tasks for individual projects, TSC or board

3Using OPNFV Integration to "defragment" the industry (20 min)Discuss what we mean by "defragmentation" and how we might achieve it at OPNFV

Review Slides

Review OPNFV Charter

EUAG Charter

TSC Charter

OPNFV Mission

Draft some proposed changes to OPNFV activities to support "defragmentation" .

Discussion around "fragmentation" meaning multiple open source communities/ projects.

Discussion around "interoperability" - between open source projects, VNF packages, data formats, specific/ interfaces & users to be fleshed out

Discussion around what OPNFV can do : outreach to other user apps ( e.g BBF project with redfish), more explicit endorsement/ use of relevant standards, refocussed interop testing, using OPNFV in non OPNFV setting,

discussions to be continued via pain points wiki and future calls.

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4June Survey Followup status (5 min)Steven/Brandon present status on follow-up plansNone 
  • OPNFV Updates: VCO & Plugfest: Brandon (3 min)
  • Update: user interface/ top down abstraction Mike Bugenhagen 
  • Any other Business (2 min) 

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