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Meeting Agenda and Notes

Agenda ItemsNotes



Call for agenda items 
Use Case: Enterprise vCPE

Qiong Sun, China Telecom

Qiong had issues dialing in. We will revisit.

Review unresolved action items


ONAP in Kubernetes onto OPNFV (Harry Huang, Michael O'Brien)

Which components are deployed?

Harry is testing on this, looking for servers with more RAM (currently 16GB). ARM is sending servers with 256GB. Tina will reach out to Lincoln to verify UNH server resources that can be used for Auto. Also seeing issues with ONAP components (SDC, SDNC, and Portal), reached out to ONAP leads (Michael O'Brien of Amdocs).


Status of documentation in Wiki (on Auto Lab Deployment)

Harry: AI is done (Auto lab req docs).
Use Case DiagramBryan Sullivan: This is a high-level Use Case which needs the next level of info, e.g. which specific scenarios will be used to exercise the goals of the high-level use case, and which VNFs will be used in those scenarios. The lab diagrams will be developed at that stage.

Define test cases for use cases

  - Test cases for Edge Cloud


Madhukesh Sambashivaiah (not on the call)

Status of documentation of lab requirements (on Auto Lab Requirements)

Harry Huang

Harry: AI is done (Auto lab req docs).

Progress of environment setup

 Prasad Gorja, xiaoyu wang,


Action Items


Meeting recordings




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  1. Guys, Just back from vacation - had meeting at 9:15 EDT - Sorry to have missed this one.  I will attend next weeks's meeting.

    Any issues with ONAP let us know.


    1. If you look at the Auto deployment page, you will see fails of some ONAP components verification.

      1. Tina, Hi, I added some details on the DNS issue (known Rancher 9303 bug - not affecting) and prewarming the docker repo before deployment on the deployment page.

        Also I will be inviting our PTL and of Orange - who is doing CI work integrating ONAP into OPNFV for the meeting next monday the 2nd Oct



        1. Thanks Michael, that is of help.