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Meeting Logistics

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Mondays 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)WebEx

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Meeting Agenda and Notes

Agenda ItemsNotes



Call for agenda items 
Review unresolved action items


ONAP in Kubernetes onto OPNFV (Harry Huang, Michael O'Brien)



Define test cases for use cases

- CSIT test cases for Edge Cloud

- CSIT test cases for Resilience Improvement

- CSIT test cases for Enterprise vCPE



Madhukesh Sambashivaiah

Prasad Gorja

Qiong Sun, China Telecom

Discuss whether use ONAP's vFW as barebone use case and test


Progress of environment setup

Prasad Gorja, xiaoyu wang,


Action Items



DCAE ( deployment (HEAT and K8S) talk scope discuss dcae status in heat (wrapper from oom) - provide more wiki instructions - Michael O'Brien (K8S) Bryan Sullivan (MultiVIM)

Running OOM locally on a laptop - point to instructions - Michael O'Brien

UC edge cloud, resiliency testng - need resiliency/monitoring assistance from teams - Bryan Sullivan

lab as a service needs k8s instructions for different namespaces in oom (pods in opnfv) - update auto-lab wiki to describe the deployment environment better for NHU - via additional WIKI diagrams - All of us (Gliffy diagram is editable in place)

use case settings - need different access levels depending on UC - instructions to NHU 

keep up to date with integration testing bringing up VFW (ONAP daily meets for next week) - provide status before this meeting - Michael O'Brien

Write up deployment wiki with testing beyond/more-granular than ONAP vFW (opnfv tests on top on ONAP health check) - 

WebEX blocked for some users - (try zoom - only 40 min for free account - ask OPNFV/LF helpdesk for account - like they did for ONAP - see (remove space) calendarName=ONAP%20Meetings%20and%20Events

Add item in wed OOM meet on issues related to OOM - Michael O'Brien 


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