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Meeting Logistics

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Mondays 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)WebEx

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Meeting Agenda and Notes

Agenda ItemsNotes



Call for agenda items 
Review unresolved action items


ONAP in Kubernetes onto OPNFV (Harry Huang, Michael O'Brien)

Run with a subset (only part of the new R1 components that are functioning should be used) -
root@kos1001:~/oom1004/oom/kubernetes/oneclick# cat setenv.bash
#HELM_APPS=('consul' 'msb' 'mso' 'message-router' 'sdnc' 'vid' 'robot' 'portal' 'policy' 'appc' 'aai' 'sdc' 'dcaegen2' 'log' 'cli' 'multicloud' 'clamp' 'vnfsdk' 'kube2msb' 'aaf' 'vfc')
HELM_APPS=('consul' 'msb' 'mso' 'message-router' 'sdnc' 'vid' 'robot' 'portal' 'policy' 'appc' 'aai' 'sdc' 'log' 'kube2msb')

Define test cases for use cases

- CSIT test cases for Edge Cloud

- CSIT test cases for Resilience Improvement

- CSIT test cases for Enterprise vCPE



Madhukesh Sambashivaiah

Prasad Gorja

Chen Zhang - Presented testcases for enterprise VCPE

Clarification on the hybrid_pod.vsdx

Bryan Sullivan

Tina Tsou would like to see more help be given to Bryan Sullivan on this:

x86 pod issues

Lincoln Lavoie, Parker Berberian, Harry Huang, xiaoyu wang

Arm pod set up

Lincoln Lavoie, Parker Berberian, Harry Huang, xiaoyu wang

Progress of environment setup

Prasad Gorja, xiaoyu wang,

  • See action items regarding xiaoyu wang connection below.
PlugFest in Oregon in December

Dave Urschatz, Justin chi





Action Items

Meeting recordings

20171023 Auto meeting.wrf


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