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How Achieved

Participant Preparation required

Action items out

1Assemble/Welcome (5 min)
  • Participants can share jokes and amusing stories
2Anti-Trust Compliance Notice (1 min)
  • Acknowledge compliance
3Review Scope of OPNFV EUAG Pain Points (5 min)
  • Clarify which part of the problem OPNFV can address
  • Follow the scope set by the OPNFV Board and TSC

Refine the VNF Onboarding and Deployment paint point (20 min)

  • Review the user stories and description
  • Update user stories with details and alternatives


Review the wiki before the meeting 
5Identify deliverables for pain point (10 min)
  • List specific actions that OPNFV can do to address the pain point
  • Document any items that are out of scope of current active projects

Review active projects Project Directory


6Create JIRA tickets (10 min)
  • Associate actions from above with specific projects
  • Volunteers from the EUAG will work with project leads to create JIRA tickets to track progress
7Plan for next pain points meeting (5 min)
  • Discuss enhancements to the meeting's structure
  • Which topic should be covered next
Suggest other pain points to prioritize 
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