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NOTE: This meeting will be held at the OPNFV plugfest and other plugfest attendees have been invited to attend. 




How Achieved

Participant Preparation required

Action items out

1Assemble/Welcome (5 min)
  • Participants can share jokes and amusing stories
2Anti-Trust Compliance Notice (1 min)
  • Acknowledge compliance
3VCO Demo 2.0 Update (5 min)
  • Review status & milestones (Brandon)
Review VCO Demo 2.0 Wiki page 
4EUAG in LF Networking 2018 (10 mins)
  • Discuss the evolution towards LF Networking next year (Heather)
5Pain Points Discussion (10 mins)
  • Review Status of Pain Points restructuring on EUAG wiki
Review the wiki before the meeting 

Open Discussion:

Working with the EUAG (20 min)

  • How to associate actions from EUAG w/ specific projects
  • EUAG Volunteers to work with project leads to create JIRA tickets to track progress
  • Where the community would like feedback from the EUAG?
  • Specific topics (test cases) and how community members can query the EUAG for feedback
82018 Meeting Format (5 min)Suggest other pain points to prioritize 
9AOB (4 min)
  • Ideas for next call
  • schedule dates for next few calls
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