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How Achieved

Participant Preparation required

Action items out

1Assemble/Welcome (5 min)
  • Participants can share jokes and amusing stories
2Anti-Trust Compliance Notice (1 min)
  • Acknowledge compliance
3LFN Update (5 mins)
  • Heather to briefly update LFN launch
Review LFN site 
4New Engagement Model (15 min)
  • If we have agreement from the EUAG, it was proposed that we have joint sessions with the development teams to quickly address gaps and transition requirements to dev teams.
5VNF Onboarding (15 min)
  • We are getting close to getting some clear requirements for some of the gaps
Review the lifecycle/pain point 
6OPNFV + ONAP (15 mins)
  • Now both under LFN, do we want to try and provide some of the requirements that are in the scope of OPNAP and not OPNFV to the ONAP team.
7AOB (4 min)
  • Ideas for next call
  • Schedule dates for next few calls
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