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How to proceed/accelerate on this? Proposal: start a number of "TSC task forces" (covering the obvious topics) to work things out more and recommend TSC-level action if needed. 
1. Identify activity buckets

  • Release process based on CD - details, timing, transition plan tapio, timirnich, 
  • Strategic evolution plan for OVP fuqiao rossella_sKubi
  • Edge - hardware scenarios, stacks (Akraino, OpenStack Edge, more?) fuqiao Trevor Cooper Julien
  • Cloud native, K8s & related components Wenjing Chu rossella_s Brian Skerry Julien
  • Collaboration with other LFN & other projects (e.g. for infra) Fatih, Frank

2. Identify 2-3 TSC members as drivers per bucket - no hangarounds please, teams will provides updates in TSC frequently
3. Clarify/flesh out objectives as needed
4. Recommend way forward - new projects needed, which projects to involve (in which role) - let's not get in the way of already executing projects but identify what is missing and where help or coordination is needed.

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