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As of 2019, we are implementing a proposal selection process in order to accommodate a limited number of intern positions.


Call for intern project proposals

Intern project proposals will be collected through mid-March.  Proposals may be submitted on the Intern Project Proposals page.  Proposals will have the status of "Pending TSC Review" when first submitted.

If an insufficient number of proposals is received, then the TSC may choose to extend the proposal submission deadline.

TSC working group review of proposals

At the end of the project proposal submission period, a working group, designated by the TSC, will begin reviewing the proposals.  The TSC will specify a schedule for the review, including a date to present a recommendation.  The working group will review the proposals and recommend a number of proposals equivalent to the number of interns approved in the budget for the current year.  The TSC will then determine whether to accept the recommendation. If the recommendation is not accepted, then the TSC will decide how to proceed.

Intern Recruitment

Once the TSC has agreed on the proposals, then the proposal status will be changed to "Open" and the positions may be advertised.  Prospective interns may apply to available projects by following the procedure documented here, under "Instructions for Students".

Mentors will have until the end of May to review applicants, conduct interviews, and select a candidate for the position.  Once a candidate has been identified, the mentor should notify LFN staff and provide contact info for the candidate.  LF will prepare and deliver an offer to the candidate.  The goal is for interns to begin their internships by mid-June.

Timeline Summary

Below is a summary of timing of the events and activities described above

Deadline for intern project proposals.Mid-March
TSC working group recommends proposals to TSC.NLT end of March
TSC approves WG recommendation on proposals.NLT mid-April
Mentors complete applicant interviews and identify a candidate.NLT end of May
Offers accepted and intern begins working.NLT mid-June

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