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This page is a work in progress.

On May 28th, 2019, the TSC agreed to the TAC recommendation to investigate moving off of Gerrit and Jenkins to Github and a CI SaaS provider. This page details the investigation into the requirements a CI/CD tool-chain (SCM + CI SaaS + CD services) would need to support OPNFV's CI/CD operations, a proposed relative timeline for the transition, a list of supporting materials the community may need to make the transition smoothly, and decisions required by the TSC.

Some investigative work into available tool-chains was already carried out by the TAC Infra-WG, and a comparison of CI SaaS providers was compiled.


CI services being evaluated:

  • CircleCI
  • Gitlab-CI
  • Azure Pipelines

CD services being evaluated:

  • Google Storage
  • Dockerhub
  • Package Cloud


  • Leverage existing hardware resources


  • PoC work done to determine suitable CI/CD providers  
  • Hardware resources for PoC project enrolled with CI provider
  • PoC project migrated
  • Repeat hardware enrollment and project migration for list of projects

Checklist for Project Migration

This list represents the most active projects in OPNFV and is prioritized by the number of commits a project has received in the last year (threshold of 50).

  • functest
  • functest-xtesting
  • functest-kubernetes
  • releng 
  • releng-xci
  • yardstick
  • fuel
  • dovetail
  • dovetail-webportal
  • pharos-tools
  • opnfvdocs
  • apex
  • clover
  • compass4nfv
  • barometer
  • samplevnf
  • bottlenecks
  • sfc
  • armband
  • sdnvpn
  • doctor
  • nfvbench


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