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The CNTT (Common NFVI Telecom Taskforce) launched officially in June.  Its mission is to define a common NFV Infrastructure to simplify the development and deployment of virtualized networking application for the telecom industry.  The group held its first community wide F2F meeting with around 80 vendor and operator attendees, with the objective of gathering requirements for the contents of the Release 2 document. CNTT develops Reference Models and Reference Architectures.  Details can be found here:

The CIRV project is a bootstrap project for validation and testing requirement comming from CNTT. Also note that CIRV is not the only project in OPNFV working closely with CNTT. Airship ( is working on Reference Implementations of CNTT. And Functest ( provide comformance tests and Xtesting framework for Reference Comformance.

Project Proposal Page

Project Proposal: CIRV

Meeting Logistic:

Project technical call: 

Every Thursday at UTC 8:30-9:30

Minutes can be found in

Project update call:

Joint call with CNTT RI & RC WS

Every Wed. at UTC 1300-1400

Minutes can be found in LFN wiki

Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Minutes

Project Delivery Status:

CIRV Project Delivery Updates

Project Decision Log:

Decision log

Useful Outside Link


CNTT RI installer description file

Leads and contributors for CNTT RI WS

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