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January 21, 2020

    • Linux Foundation Anti-trust policy
    • Acting chair for today's meeting: Al Morton
    • Agenda Bashing
    • Attendance/Quorum
    • Approval of Jan 7 meeting minutes and Jan 14 minutes
    • Chair status: Bin Hu not able to fulfill his responsibilities through March 31st, 2020 Time Limit 20 min
      • Current members available as acting chairs: Al Morton Mark Beierl
      • Is there consensus on next steps?
        • Small TSC group met to discuss, see results of discussion in e-mail
        • Subsequent Email from Bin, re-iterating his status as temporary, not Abdication.
        • reduces options available for TSC to make re-organization clear post-Prague
      • TSC decision - leave TSC Chair vacant, election no-longer an option
        • Appointment of Acting TSC Chair until March 31st, 2020
        • If needed: Review Community Election Procedure
          • ad hoc Election discussion, timing, decision
      • Tech Discuss meeting on Jan 20, Further discussion - Jack Morgan has agreed to lead future meetings
      • Al Morton will represent OPNFV at the TAC meetings 
        TSC-2 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Clarification of Charter: only two TSC members from the same organization simultaneously. Al Morton
    • Current Proxy for Bin on TSC: Time Limit 10 min
      • Small TSC group met to discuss - Consensus to maintain Bin's appointed Proxy until March 31, 2020
      • Proposed Proxy Governance was discussed and Edited at Tech Discuss meeting on Jan 20
      • #vote or email vote? (now that the proposed Governance has been discussed on several occasions)
        • #vote text: Does the TSC approve the TSC Proxy Governance
          TSC-18 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • New OPNFV TSC Role: Vice Chair: Time Limit 10 min
      • Small TSC group met to discuss, prefered Vice Chair over Co-Chair role
      • #vote text: Does TSC agree to create the new role of TSC Vice Chair, with responsibilities to assist the TSC Chair as assigned?
      • If Role created, propose election schedule (including nominations) with TSC Approval by e-mail