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  • Day and Time: 6:00am US Pacific Time / 14:00 UTC (when US Standard Time) / NOW 13:00 UTC (when US Daylight Savings Time), Mondays.

How Project Proposal is Reviewed

At Technical Discussion meetings, project proposals will be reviewed based on the order of when they were announced on mailing lists. If a project has been discussed before but revision/more work is needed, then the proposal timestamp will be reset to when the project proposal was most recently discussed.

Agenda for Monday, April 6, 2020

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Agenda and Minutes ( Al Morton ran the meeting and took notes): 

Attendees: Sridhar Rao Parth Yadav Vipin Rathi Lincoln Lavoie Jim Baker

  • VSPERF Demo (relevance for CNTT testing) - Sridhar Rao

    • Following up on the planned tests from last week, a full demo will be presented
    • Details on VSPERF integration with X-testing were presented.

      • X-testing works very well, adding a VSPERF test was very efficient
    • TestAPI is used to collect the X-testing results
      • The current template of objects needs to be expanded so that several CNTT-related fields can be added
        • For example, the CNTT test requirement name(s) need to be included, so that requirements compliance can be verified easily
        • Note that the the CNTT test requirement name(s) and test names mapping are deterministic, but one test may cover multiple requirements
        • For performance tests, a threshold is needed for input to the PASS/FAIL criteria field (already part of the API).
        • Ideally, new fields would be added without breaking existing tool communication/population of the test db, or the testdb itself!
        • ALL test configuration files would need to be uploaded to OPNFV Artifacts, and linked from the test results
        • There must be a general description of the CNTT-candidate's test environment, so the info is not repeated in every individual test configuration
      • This is an example where OPNFV requires more resources to support CNTT and OVP badging program

Future Topics

  • Active Project Proposal Discussion
  • Certification Program and Dovetail Discussion
  • Strategy of How to Streamline and Integrate Different Test Tools (Mark Beierl)
  • VSPERF Demo (relevance for CNTT testing) - Sridhar Rao

    • Following up on the planned tests from last week, a full demo will be presented

Past Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Note: After wiki upgrade, the record of meeting agenda and minutes before March 24, 2016 were lost.

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