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Project NameEnter the name of the project
Target Release NameJerma
Project Lifecycle StateMature


Release Engineering plans to achieve the following for the Jerma release:

  • Stabilize Releng Verification Jobs
  • Execute on TAC Infra CI/CD Recommendation 
  • Determine Status/Future of Subprojects
  • Setup new OPNFV Build Machines
    • RELENG-434 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Migrate OPNFV Build machines off UCS to LaaS VM
      • Standup new ARM builders as armbuild-3/4 are being taken offline



Release Artifacts

The Release Engineering project does not produce artifacts as the nature of the project does not allow it to be tied to specific versions, but on each release we tag the repository for easy reference when reviewing historical changes.

Indicate the work product (Executable, Source Code, Library, API description, Tool, Documentation, Release Note, etc) for this release.


Format (Container, Compressed File, etc.)

Releng RepositorySource CodeGit Tag


High level architecture diagram

Internal Dependencies


External Dependencies

Test and Verification

Jenkins jobs are tested manually using JJB from the command line and the OPNFV Jenkins sandbox.


List any risks and a plan to mitigate each risk.

Risk DescriptionMitigation Plan

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