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VSPERF Project Readouts





Isolating Functions in the System Under Test (Version 1)

Al Morton

isolating_functions.pdf isolating_functions_1.1.pdf isolating_functions_1.2.pdf

Updates and expansions of this deck are in-progress, see next version

DPDK vSwitch Benchmarking Results

Uploaded by Gurpreet Singh


Public test report for DPDK enabled vSwitch

IETF 93 Presentation Draft

Al Morton, Maryam Tahhan

benchmarking_vswitches_in_opnfv_1.2.pdf benchmarking_vswitches_in_opnfv_1.6_aspect_4_3.pdf

OPNFV Project Setup

Maryam Tahhan


Test and Performance subgroup Demo

Maryam Tahhan


Yardstick/VSPERF joint design session

Maryam Tahhan


vNet-SLA – readout to vsperf

Maciek Konstantynowicz and Miroslav Miklus


IETF - 94 Presentation Draft update

Al Morton, Maryam Tahhan


VM2VM discussion Part 1

Al Morton, Maryam Tahhan


VSPERF Release B Overview

Maryam Tahhan


VSPERF CI OverviewMaryam Tahhan

VSPERF IETF 95 updateAl Morton, Maryam Tahhan

RFC 2889 Support in OPNFV VSPERFSridhar K. N. Rao

VSPERF&Yardstick integration statusMartin Klozik

IMIX Specification in VSPERF
Sridhar K. N. Rao Sridhar Rao

Are You Insured Against Your Noisy Neighbor?Sunku Ranganath

TST009 ETSI NFV Spec Review and comment collectionAl Morton

OVP Performance Efficiency Score

Evolution of Repeatability in Benchmarking:

Fraser Plugfest
(Summary for IETF BMWG)

Al Morton

Note: next steps in slide 24 are managed and updated on 

Next Steps toward Improving Repeatability in Benchmarking

Tipsy: Telco pIPeline benchmarking SYstem

Felicián Németh

LFN Mentorship Presentation :

Log-Analysis and Alerting for OPNFV-VSPERF (Metrics)

Aditya Srivastava

LFN Mentorship Presentation :

Log-Analysis and Alerting for OPNFV-VSPERF (Logs)

Adarsh Yadav

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