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Presentations and Demos

Network service descriptors and VNF descriptors examples - 

Euphrates Summit  December 4 - 8, 2017

  • VNF Characterization with Yardstick 

OPNFV Summit, June 12-15 2017

  • VNF Characterization with Yardstick yardstick-opnfv-summit-2017.pdf
  • Yardstick: Extensible testing framework 
  • yardstick GUI demo : 
  • Automatic Integration and Testing using OPNFV tools in China Mobile
  • How to Efficiently Evaluate NFVi Performance by Leveraging OPNFV Testing Projects_kubi_trevor

OPNFV Summit, June 20-23 2016

yardstick plugin.pdf

OPNFV Summit, Nov 9-12 2015



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