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Recollections by Don Clarke

Origins of OPNFV

I'd like to acknowledge that the idea for OPNFV originated with Ash Young. I wrote it up in a memoir, here is the extract, and I'll attach Ash's original "Yunify" PPT slides.

It was during the autumn of 2013 that I was approached by Ash Young then at Huawei, with an interesting proposal to create a new open source community to progress NFV. He said there were upwards of 200 developers he could persuade to get involved and he sent me a proposal which he called “Yunify” (a Mandarin expression that I don’t recall the meaning of). I arranged a call with Uwe Michel, Margaret Chiosi, Prodip Sen and myself for Ash to explain the concept. It was a late-night call in the UK and I remember it well because it was the moment when we realized that we could both encourage open source and validate that open source could support telco-grade NFV solutions by creating a new open source integration project. This project became OPNFV.

Yunify proposal from Ash Young is in the attachment folder.

The Leak Panic

I hosted the inception meeting for OPNFV at CableLabs’ Sunnyvale offices in June 2014, just a few weeks after I joined CableLabs. It was chaired by the Linux Foundation and attended by operators and vendors who had indicated they would become Platinum founders.

The morning of the OPNFV inception meeting, I got a call from my boss (Chris Donley) to say that the CEO (Phil McKinney) had received an alert that the word "leak" had been associated with CableLabs in a Light Reading post, and that I needed to explain it ASAP.

Thinking I was about to be fired and I'd only been there a few weeks, I scrambled to identify the source. Thankfully, Light Reading had got hold of a draft of the OPNFV team briefing document that I'd been managing and which had been widely circulated outside of CableLabs for comment. It had somehow found its way into the hands of a Light Reading journalist, who had held it back so that he could create a headline around it on the day of the meeting. When this was explained to the CEO, and that it wasn't a confidential document, that it hadn't been leaked by anyone at CableLabs, and it was harmless and had the side effect of the media being accurate in their description the initiative, I was off the hook. Here is a link to the offending article:

CableLabs Announcement

CableLabs blog post following the OPNFV inception meeting hosted by CableLabs: 


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