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The Next VCO Demo 2.0 Call will be scheduled for late October. 

VCO Demo 2.0 Initial Planning

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone. United States (Toll Free): 1 877 309 2070 Access Code: 679-119-077

More phone numbers Finland (Toll Free): 0 800 94473 Germany (Toll Free): 0 800 723 5274 United Kingdom (Toll Free): 0 800 389 5276 First GoToMeeting?

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Summary: Now that the OPNFV Summit VCO Demo (VCO Demo 1.0) is complete, the community has now begun work on the next version of the demo (VCO Demo 2.0). This is the planning page where we identify desired components, HW/SW resources, Lab resources, participating companies, and the volunteers needed to pull the demo together. 

Goal: A compelling OPNFV/ODL Community demo that goes beyond what was shown in Demo 1.0 to be shown at 2018 events and online.

Resources: New HW/SW/Lab/Volunteer resources are required. Please fill in the form below if you have volunteering any of these or additional components.

Timeline: Volunteered resources are requested by October 31, 2017, and we'll look to have a fully functional VC Demo 2.0 by the end of Q1 2018.

Core Messages: TBD. VCO Demo 1.0 Core messages can be seen here: OPNFV Summit Demo Discussion Home

Service Provider Involvement: If you're with a service provider and would like to get involved with the demo, please indicate your interest below:

Service Provider OrganizationContact PersonSpecific interests around VCOProposed User CasesNotes



Lab Options: If your organization is willing to consider hosting the VCO demo in your lab for the set up period (Oct 1 - Dec 31) and the full calendar year for 2018, please indicate your interest below:

Lab OwnerContact PersonAvailable Rack SpaceConnectivity Availability TimeframeLocal Maintenance OptionsNotes

pre-built - 3 "racks" each with 2 dual connected servers and two leaf switches. two spines for aggregation, either 10G/40G or 25G/100G connectivity, out-of-band network, console access to everything, and smart power


Hardware and software components:
If your organization is willing to volunteer the following components, please indicate that below. The chart is based on VCO Demo 1.0. Please add and re-configure as necessary. 

Leaf Switches

(6) 16x100

Mellanox Yes 
Spine Switches(2) 16x100Mellanox Yes 

(5) C1000



Jump Server(1) VM Yes 
Switch SoftwareCumulus Linux Yes






SDN Controller    




Demo Team Volunteers: If you would like to participate as part of the demo team that pulls it together, please sign up below:

  1. Brandon Wick, Linux Foundation,
  2. JR Rivers, Cumulus Networks,
  3. Dave Cain, Red Hat,
  4. Hanen Garcia, Red Hat,



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