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Infra Planning


POD Descriptor File templateDanube4.003/31/17
PDF for labsEuphratesMS305/30/17
PharosJackIn ProgressCI PODS: Intel, Ericsson, Huawei, LF, ARM (check with Tim on PDF validation script + yamlint check)
PDF ConverterEuphratesMS305/30/17
PharosAricIn Progress
common network settings templatesEuphratesMS305/30/17
add file to gerrit in Pharos (link)
common network settings labsEuphratesMS305/30/17
Pharos Aric
CI POD: Intel, Ericsson, Huawei, LF, ARM
cleaner scriptEuphratesMS305/30/17
clean up JS - remove VM, remove bridges, etc
adjustments Jenkins to PDFEuphratesMS305/30/17
Releng Fatih
adjust to use PDF
set up script (5)

Per Installer

prepare the JS for installer VM + create VM on JS
analyzer scriptF Release


matches scenario, network settings, and PDF to figure out if deployment is possible or not
Scenario Descriptor File templateF Release
OctopusUliIn Progress
SDF for scenarioF Release
OctopusUliOpenstore them in octopus git repo
PDF remaining labsEuphrates5.009/22/17
PharosJackOpenNon CI POD
Test projectsF Release

Per Test project

test projects need to update to SDF
adjustments Jenkins to SDFF Release

adjust to use SDF
Dynamic AllocationF Release

Status: Open, In Progress, Resolved, Closed (see JIRA)