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POD Descriptor File templateDanube4.003/31/17 PharosJackComplete 
PDF for labsEuphratesMS305/30/17 PharosJackIn ProgressCI PODS: Intel, Ericsson, Huawei, LF, ARM (check with Tim on PDF validation script + yamlint check)
PDF ConverterEuphratesMS305/30/17 PharosAricIn Progress 
common network settings templatesEuphratesMS305/30/17 PharosJack add file to gerrit in Pharos (link)
common network settings labsEuphratesMS305/30/17 Pharos Aric CI POD: Intel, Ericsson, Huawei, LF, ARM
cleaner scriptEuphratesMS305/30/17 RelengThaj clean up JS - remove VM, remove bridges, etc
adjustments Jenkins to PDFEuphratesMS305/30/17 Releng Fatih adjust to use PDF
set up script (5)    Per Installer  prepare the JS for installer VM + create VM on JS
analyzer scriptF Release   Releng  matches scenario, network settings, and PDF to figure out if deployment is possible or not
Scenario Descriptor File templateF Release 06/05/17 OctopusUliIn Progress 
SDF for scenarioF Release 07/21/17 OctopusUliOpenstore them in octopus git repo
PDF remaining labsEuphrates5.009/22/17 PharosJackOpenNon CI POD
Test projectsF Release   Per Test project  test projects need to update to SDF
adjustments Jenkins to SDFF Release   RelengFatih adjust to use SDF
Dynamic AllocationF Release       

Status: Open, In Progress, Resolved, Closed (see JIRA)