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Now that the OPNFV Summit VCO Demo (VCO Demo 1.0) is complete, the community has now begun work on the next version of the demo (VCO Demo 2.0). This is the planning page where we identify desired components, HW/SW resources, Lab resources, participating companies, and the volunteers needed to pull the demo together. 


A compelling OPNFV/ODL/OCP/OpenStack Community demo that goes beyond what was shown in Demo 1.0 to be shown at 2018 events and online.


New HW/SW/Lab/Volunteer resources are required. Please fill in the form below if you have volunteering any of these or additional components.


Volunteered resources are requested by November 16, 2017, and we'll look to have a fully functional VCO Demo 2.0 in Q1 2018.

Demo Direction:

The three possible directions for the demo are the following

Core Messages (DRAFT): 

Open Source Project Involvement: OPNFV, OpenDaylight, ONAP, OpenStack, OpenAirInterface, Open Compute Project. 

Service Providers Involvement: If you're with a service provider and would like to get involved with the demo, please indicate your interest below:

Service ProvderContact PersonDetails
China MobileBai Changming (

Changming is proposing a new OPNFV Project called "C-RAN" with the goal of getting it proposed and approved in November. The full project description first draft is being finalized and will be shared shortly, but here is a DRAFT summary:

The C-RAN project is wireless communication network integration and testing project based on NFV architecture. Establish an NFV cloud platform that supports wireless Application. Based on wireless communication needs, increase performance NFVI for wireless cloud platform provides network technology, expand MANO the technical characteristic of wireless resource support, firstly complete the deployment of RAN-VNF instances based on 4G LTE standard, secondly complete the integration and testing of the RAN-VNF and RAN-PNF instances of the 5G standard CU/DU architecture and establish the strategy for wireless communication network optimization scheme. Meanwhile, The project will also introduce the demand analysis and research of the accelerator adaptation layer for wireless network, by accelerator carrying wireless features of high-level protocol stack (for example, PDCP/RLC encryption and compression), improve NFVI platform of wireless network data processing ability. and advance the definition of Openstack's management interface for accelerator. Finally, the project will also consider the design and architecture of the MEC and C-RAN share platform, as well as how to establish the link to the end to end wireless network via virtual network. C-RAN project will integrate OPNFV community kvmfornfv, ovsfornfv, Cyborg, yardstick and other projects, the external open source projects will follow DPDK, Linux, OAI, ONAP and other projects.




Demo Lab(s): If you have lab space that you would like to offer up the demo (at least for Q417 and 2018), please fill in the form below:

Lab OwnerContact PersonLab Details
CumulusJR Rivers (

Pre-built - 3 "racks" each with 2 dual connected servers and two leaf switches. two spines for aggregation, either 10G/40G or 25G/100G connectivity, out-of-band network, console access to everything, and smart power


Hardware and software components:
If your organization is willing to volunteer the following components, please indicate that below. Please re-configure chart as neccessary.

Jump Server(1) VM Yes 
Leaf Switches

(6) 16x100G

Mellanox YesSN2100
Spine Switches(2) 16x100Mellanox Yes


Switch SoftwareCumulus Linux Yes 

(10) CS1000


For VCO Demo 2.0. We require between 12-18 servers.

Base Compute OSRHEL ??? Yes

Per Azhar/Dave



Red Hat


SDN ControllerOpenDayLightRed HatYes 


  • Software platform (VNF) for vRAN

Irfan has offered this with different splits including CU-DU splits & vBBU. Details needed.

CRAN/vRAN Software & Hardware   Ericsson? ZTE? Others?
Radio   Irfan has offered to set up and configure the radio. Details needed.
MEC Software   Seguna? Others?
vEPC: C3PO   Intel. Sprint. Details needed.
vIMS/VoLTE   MetaSwitch Clearwater. Need Confirmation & Details.


  • Ansible/Tacker (Simple)
  • ONAP (Advanced)

Ansible- Red Hat

Tacker -?



Ansible - Red Hat can support

Irfan has offered to onboard. Details needed.

Irfan/Vavid have offered to onboard. Details needed.

ONAP Onboarding    
FlexRAN Platform   Bryan M. has offered this. Details Needed.
Edge Boards   China Mobile/OAI have offered edge boards. Details needed.
CU, DU and vBBU Software   China Mobile/OAI have offered based on an OAI stack (4G  LTE right now, moving towards 5G). Details needed.

Base Configurations: As base configurations are determined, we'll add them here.

Other Demo Directions: To be developed as space, sources, and managment becomes available.