[NOTE: These goals are a summary of community discussions at https://etherpad.opnfv.org/p/TSC-backlog

  1. Address new use cases and hardware deployments (e.g. cloud native, Edge, C-RAN/vCO)
    1. Support cloud native apps in the reference platform (integrate and test Kubernetes & related components)
    2. Create/integrate Edge-specific stacks (e.g. Akraino, OpenStack Edge) and define & obtain appropriate hardware environments for testing them in Pharos and LaaS
    3. Create/integrate C-RAN and vCO specific stacks and test them on appropriate hardware environments in Pharos and LaaS
  2. Re-evaluate, and if needed update & communicate, OPNFV's mission, deliverables and ways of working/processes
    1. Update our understanding of key user groups and their needs
    2. Identify which artifacts and deliverables OPNFV should produce
    1. Define a release process that addresses the needs of our key user groups
    2. Use lab resources more efficiently through dynamic resource allocation for CI pipeline
  3. Refine OPNFV output/artifacts so that OPNFV is more use-case driven and easier to consume
    1. Scenario consolidation
    2. LaaS evolution
    3. Better packaging/consumability of test tools
  4. Closer collaboration with other LFN projects through e.g. XCI, Lab-as-a-Service
  5. Evolve the OPNFV Verified Program and support creation of LFN-level umbrella program
  6. Maintain and grow our healthy community
    1. Continuing to have venues/events (both face-to-face and virtual) for OPNFV community members to collaborate effectively 
    2. Growing the contributor community

High-level budget needs: