Release Engineering

Project description:

During the first OPNFV release “Arno”, releng is the repository where activities related to automation of the toolchains was implemented. During Arno, this repository did not have an associated project and coordination. Leading into release 2, the Release Engineering project is proposed to establish structure around these activities.

The Release Engineering project proposes to undertake all automation, tooling and infrastructure related activities required by OPNFV projects to achieve E2E automation in order to make sure all repeating/day to day and release related activites are run in reliable fashion. Release Engineering project is a software development infrastructure project similar to OpenStack Infra.


OPNFV has several projects that require support for automating repeating tasks such as build, deployment, testing, document generation and so on which do not fall under the scope of existing projects. Each of these activities require identification and installation of the necessary tools, creation of corresponding scripts and development and deployment of Jenkins jobs that will be realized by this project.

Included activities are

Project specific/internal automation activities listed below are excluded from the scope of Release Engineering project.



Committers and Contributors:

Project Leader



Planned Deliverables:

Please note that all the deliverables listed above are to be consumed by OPNFV and will not be part of any OPNFV release.

Proposed Release Schedule:

Release Engineering project will not be included in any of the OPNFV release.

Key Project Facts

Project Name: Release Engineering
Repo name: releng
Project Category: Integration & Testing
Lifecycle State: Proposal
Primary Contact:
Project Lead:
Jira Project Name: Release Engineering
Jira Project Prefix: RELENG
Mailing List Tag: [releng]
Fatih Degirmenci (Ericsson):
Aric Gardner (Linux Foundation):
Tim Rozet (Red Hat):
Morgan Richomme (Orange):
Victor Laza (CloudBase Solutions):
Matthew Lijun (Huawei):
Peter Bandzi (Cisco):
Jose Lausuch (Suse):
Guy Rodrigue Koffi (Orange):
Ryota Mibu (NEC):

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