Project: Bootstrap/Get started (Genesis)

Project “Bootstrap/Get started” assembles and tests a base set of infrastructure components for OPNFV to run a few example VNFs. It puts together a single deployment type that can both be used by developers and run in continuous integration. The goals of the Bootstrap/GetStarted Project is to stand up quickly one or more stacks of components, learn from their differences and commonality of deployment experience, and feed that back into producing a more flexible framework. Initially the project will focus on a single combination of components. The project will be complete, and hand off to the wider scope “Octopus” project, when CI demonstrably runs and the project can be seen to perform the tasks required of a basic VIM layer.

Key Project Facts

Additional Contributors

If you would like to contribute to opnfv-genesis please add yourself to the contributors list and contact or drop in to #opnfv-bgs on freenode.

IRC : #opnfv-bgs (
Mailing List: no dedicated mailing list - use opnfv-tech-discuss and tag your emails with [bgs] in the subject for easier filtering