This info is not up to date.

OPNFV Linux Foundation (LF) Hosting

Resources provided by LF Hosting

OPNFV currently have 2 PODs available in LF Lab. These PODs have been in use by the OPNFV CI and OPNFV developers in order to handle the CI, setup, configuration, development, and troubleshooting activities.

POD1 has been decomposed in order to have resources for build, virtual deploys and other CI-related activities. This resulted in 6 standalone servers.

POD2 has been and is still in use by CI and developers for the CI, development, and troubleshooting related activities.

Clarifying current use identifying future use of OPNFV LF Lab

It is important to clarify the current use of the resources located in OPNFV LF Lab in order to identify what they should really be used (CI-related activities, etc.) and settle on access rules (who should have the access and for what purpose).

Ideally, the resources located in OPNFV LF Lab should be seen/handled as the reference resources and only CI, infra setup/configuration and troubleshooting work should be done on them. Direct access to them should be kept at minimum. All the project development work should be shifted to OPNFV Community Labs wherever possible.

Proposal on The Future Use and Access Rules