Project: Deployment Template Translation (Parser)

In NFV, various templates (such as descriptors, records and so on) are utilized to describe the deployment requirements (such as basic VM requirements – vCPU, memory, storage, as well as the NFV acceleration management requirement such as Huge Pages support, SR-IOV, NUMA affinity, DPDK support etc.), the post-instaniation records (such as storage usage report, CPU performance report etc.) or other purposes. However in order to make these templates adaptable and feasible for purpose like deployment orchestration/automation, certain tooling mechanism that provides template translation is necessary.

Project Parser will help to provide such tooling mechanism, by parsing Telecom operators’ descriptors/records into TOSCA/CAMP templates and then further translate TOSCA/CAMP templates into certain common templates, which could be used in IaaS orchestration projects like OpenStack Heat.

The overall project plan for Parser is:


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Key Project Facts

Srinivas Tadepalli, TCS (

IRC : #opnfv-parser
GoToMeeting : 201997445
Trello : Parser Trello Board for coordination
Mailing List: no dedicated mailing list - use opnfv-tech-discuss and tag your emails with [parser] in the subject for easier filtering