Governance of project Genesis

Participants in project Genesis agree to the following governance:

Participation in Genesis

Documenting requirements and finding agreement

Procedure to join Genesis

A deployment project, referred to as "deployment tool" below, can join "Genesis" as follows:

The project lead/lead-committer of project "deployment tool" sends a signed email to the Genesis project leadership, copying the mailing list. The email needs to include the following:

Herewith project "deployment tool" requests to join the Genesis project. The "deployment tool" project agrees to the principles of the Genesis project and the associated project governance defined in Specifically, the "deployment tool" project will participate in requirements definition and implement the requirements jointly defined by the Genesis project.

The Genesis project (the project lead or any other committer) will acknowledge receiving the application and initiate a vote selecting a committer for the newly joining project. A copy of the application will be stored for future reference in the genesisreq repository. The newly elected committer representing the newly added "deployment tool" will be added to the list of Genesis committers.