Creating meeting minutes with MeetBot

The OPNFV project uses MeetBot to create and manage meeting minutes on IRC.

When hosting a meeting, please join #opnfv-meeting on and take notes in the public IRC channel. Please recommend to other attendees that they join, to spread the load of note taking - it is very difficult to take notes and chair a meeting at the same time.

Meeting minutes and raw IRC logs are saved at the LF IRC log server under the IRC channel name (e.g. for opnfv-meeting).

The Meetbot eavesdrop logger is also in place for many channels. For example:

The full guide to MeetBot syntax is here.

Beginning and ending a meeting

Taking notes

After the meeting

When your meeting is finished, add a link to the HTML minutes summary to the project wiki page, with the date, and send an email to the project mailing list. In the email, cut and paste the output in-channel of MeetBot and send a minutes email to the project mailing list:

The OPNFV Test and Performance team met at 3pm UTC on Thursday Jan 15, 2015. Here are the minutes:

 Minutes (text):

Previous minutes are collected on the [[wiki:test_and_performance_meetings|Test and Performance Sub-Group Meetings]] wiki page.