Project: NFV Hypervisors-KVM


The NFV hypervisors provide crucial functionality in the NFV Infrastructure (NFVI). The existing hypervisors, however, are not necessarily designed or targeted to meet the requirements for the NFVI, and we need to make collaborative efforts toward enabling the NFV features.

Key Project Facts

Project: NFV Hypervisors-KVM (nfv-kvm)
Project Creation Date: July 8, 2015
Project Category: Collaborative Development
Lifecycle State: Incubation
Primary Contact:  Raghu Reddy:
Project Lead: Raghu Reddy:
Mailing list tag: [KVM]
IRC: #opnfv-kvm
Git Web:

Test: KVM4NFV Test


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Weekly on Thursday at 2400 UTC (5:00PM PDT)

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Access Code: 510-092-221
Meeting ID: 510-092-221 

IRC channel: #opnfv-kvm

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Inter VM Communication Design

RFC: vhost user enhancements for vm2vm communication

Vhost-pci RFC Figures: