OPNFV Infrastructure Working Group (Infra WG) is working towards a model whereby we have a seamless pipeline for handing resource requests from the OPNFV community for both development and Continuous Integration perspectives.  Automation of requests and integration to existing automation tools is a primary driver in reaching this model. In the Infra WG, we imagine a model where the Infrastructure Requirements that are specified by a Feature, Installer or other relevant project within OPNFV are requested, provisioned, used, reported on and subsequently torn down with no (or minimal) user intervention at the physical / infrastructure level.

Objectives of the Working Group:

Infrastructure Support

Weekly Meetings

Meeting Logistics

Calendar Invites - If you would like to get calendar invites, then please subscribe to the groups.io calendar. To do so...

  1. Log into lists.opnfv.org
  2. Select Your Groups on the left navigation
  3. Choose infra-wg (if you don't see it listed, select Subgroups in navigation and look for infra-wg)
  4. Select Calendar in navigation - this will show you all the meetings for the Infra Work Group
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the calendar, then select Subscribe to Calendar (This will subscribe you to all meetings in the calendar
  6. If you just want to subscribe to a single meeting, then select the meeting and download event