Discussion items

5 minAgenda Bashing
  • Set and review the agenda
15 minOPNFV PDX Lab
  • Status Update
    • Move of resources to OSUOSL
      • Waiting on quote back from the Lab.
      • Hope to migrate to LaaS
      • Schedule downtime for Functest PODs / Migration to LaaS
    • Purchasing re:UCS
      • Trevor to reach out to Lincoln with final number.
      •  If replacement can be made, UCS can be deracked and removed saving cost (on rack space)
      • Still need to finalize plans for build servers
        • UNH server?
        • Intel Lab POD-16?
        • Cloud builder?
  • Request for NFV lab to send monthly utilization report
    • Utilization over the month - are we reaching capacity?
5 minXCI StatusTrevor Bramwell
  • Next steps
    • There's some interest through CNTT RI-2
    • Possibly split between baremetal k8s and full openstack
    • Will revisit near end of June.
10 minreleng-testresultsJack Morgan
  • Moving out of releng to another project / make a new project?
    • Bring up as a topic to Test-WG
5 minReleng/Pharos Project reviewsTrevor Bramwell
  • Scheduled for May 26th (Tuesday next week)
    • Sync on presentations next Monday.
5 minReview Action items
  • Closed completed action items.
  • Majority of rest should be resolved within 2 weeks.
5 minOther Notes
  • Contract PM Tasks
    • Jack compiled list
      • Clean up copyrights
      • Website refresh
      • Zoom calendaring
      • Wiki cleanup
      • Script for OPNFV healthcheck for projects
        • Checks INFO file for committer activity
        • Monthly report for active committers
        • Query Gerrit for committer activity
    • Infra discussions happening in CIRV

Action items