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Fault Management and Maintenance project scope is to fill gaps for infrastructure fault management and maintenance with minimum impact on VNF service.  Fault management is done in earlier releases. In this release, it is to finalize the maintenance part supporting the ETSI definitions with the OpenStack solution. Also to ensure testing is always possible without OPNFV installer by utilizing DevStack for OpenStack testing. Upstream OpenDev (OpenStack) Fenix continues the work and has a solution also for Kubernetes.


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VNFM maintenance with ETSI changeshttps://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/c/doctor/+/69405


DevStack supporthttps://gerrit.opnfv.org/gerrit/c/doctor/+/69134


High-level architecture diagram

The latest architecture of maintenance implementation is here:


When OPNFV documentation produced for Jerma there is also existing Doctor documentation. This documentation is the same in the previous release and includes also the fault management part.

Internal Dependencies

For OPNFV Testing FUEL /MCP installer has been used. This will still work for OpenStack Train, but any later OpenStack releases should be tested with multinode DevStack.

External Dependencies

OpenStack (Rocky, Stein, Train and Ussuri verified)

Test and Verification

The project has been tested with OPNFV Fuel (Openstack Train) and externally with OpenStack DevStack (Rocky, Stein, Train and Ussuri)

Jerma changes tested with Fuel for both fault management and maintenance: https://build.opnfv.org/ci/job/doctor-verify-master/237/

Fenix also has instructions and tools to test maintenance in DevStack for OpenStack and Kubernetes use case. In includes also support for testing with Doctor: https://opendev.org/x/fenix/src/branch/master/fenix/tools  


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