This the release plan for the MS 1 milestone, April 8, 2016

Project goals

The goals of the project are to have support for OpenContrail as virtual networking controller for deployments of OPNFV with each of the installers - JOID, Compass4NFV, Fuel, Apex. 

Ultimate goal will be to have Mitaka support, but initially we will use Contrail 3.0 with Liberty, since that will definitely be available in the Colorado code freeze timeframe. So there are two issues opened for each installer, one to support OpenContrail 3.0 with Liberty, and one with Mitaka.









There are dependencies on upstream and external projects.

Plan for code freeze for Liberty support June 17.

It is likely that Mitaka support will be in a service release of Colorado.


OpenContrail 3.0 includes many new features including:

·         DPDK and SR-IOV support

·         Import/export route targets for hub/spoke configurations

·         Routing policy for service chains to give very fine-grained steering control

·         Support for multiple service chains between networks

·         Service instance health check

·         BGP forwarding in vRouter to enable VNFs to peer with the Contrail controller

·         Separation of service instance creation from network insertion to enable elastic scaling

·         LBaaS v2 support (Phase 1)