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This project will develop OPNFV platform support for VNF event streams, in a common model and format intended for use by NFV Service Providers (SPs), e.g. in managing VNF health and lifecycle. The project’s goal is to enable a significant reduction in the effort to develop and integrate VNF telemetry-related data into automated VNF management systems, by promoting convergence toward a common event stream format and collection system.

Powerpoint intro to the project: OPNVF VES.pptx


In a typical Service Assurance (SA) Environment, the VNF Provider defines and provides the format and protocol for sending telemetry data to SPs responsible for managing VNF health and lifecycle. The standards for telemetry data come in many varieties and for each particular standard, the expected actions also differ from one VNF to another. As an example:

The result of a multitude of standards is that every time a new VNF or a new VNF release is introduced, implementer choice can require SPs to make changes to their SA support system that manages the VNFs. This results not only in added costs for SPs, but also in deployment delays.

Recommendations Summary:

We are recommending a Common Event Data Model:

Use of Restful API using JSON with Common Event Format for Telemetry Data (detailed definitions for Heartbeat. Fault, Measurements (KPI/KCI), Syslogs, Mobile Flow and with extensibility to others, i.e. Usage, Security, Signaling etc.).


The project will develop and integrate into the OPNFV platform:

As input this project, AT&T will contribute a proposed specification and implementation of the VNF Event Stream framework developed for AT&T’s ECOMP (Enhanced Control, Orchestration, Management and Policy) platform, and described as part of the “Analytic Framework” support in the ECOMP white paper available at

The following diagram illustrates the concept for the VES architecture and scope:

In the diagram above, examples of Other Management Functions" (outside the scope of VES) are illustrated in the following use case diagram:


The project will support testability through:


The project will produce:


VES is a standardized event framework that can be used by OpenStack and OPNFV projects.

OPNFV projects that potentially benefit from the VES project:

OpenStack projects that potentially benefit from the VES project, or need to be considered in the VES design:

Other considerations noted during discussion of the proposal:

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Planned deliverables:

The project will deliver specifications and code as described in the scope section, and supporting information:

Proposed Release Schedule:

VES is targeted for the 4th OPNFV release (“D” river). For the Colorado release, an initial reference implementation will be developed and made available for testing on the OPNFV Colorado release platform, as well as by VNF implementers.

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Project Name: VNF Event Stream (VES)
Repo name: VES
Lifecycle State: Incubation
Primary Contact: Alok Gupta, AT&T
Project Lead: Alok Gupta, AT&T
Jira Project Name: VNF Event Stream
Jira Project Prefix: VES
mailing list tag: VES