Location: Conrad Hotel (Seoul, Korea)

Attendees: Ray PaikHeather Kirksey, Al MortonPaul Kangil ChoiByung Yun LeeJonne Soininen

OPNFV Meetup

Date: November 11th (Friday)

Link for registration: https://www.regonline.com/OPNFVIETFMeetup (there's no cost to attending the meetup)

Proposed Agenda

IETF Hackathon  

Dates: November 12th-13th (Saturday - Sunday)

The hackathon is hosting a number of projects with potential ties to OPNFV, mainly the SFC project, I2RS, ILA, and potentially the PCE and ACTN projects. Meetup attendees who will be attending the hackathon are encouraged to participate in these projects. 

See the IETF Hackathon page for more details (incl. responsibilities of a champion before/during the Hackathon)